Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #120

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #120
Today's Word:
"shoe thrower"

Today's Picture:

George W. Bush can really duck a shoe. He has some lightening-fast reflexes. I was very impressed.

How is it possible this joker got off 2 shoes? Where was the secret service? I think the good ones were put on the "Obama Duty".

And who is in charge of press passes at Iraqi news conferences?

Kevin Costner would have never let 2 shoes get thrown at Whitney Houston. No way Clint Eastwood lets 2 shoes hit Jim Curley. (Name that movie)

Ving Rhames would take a bullet for Kevin Kline, but the secret service would not take a Sketcher for Bush?

In summary: 3 movie references, 2 shoes, 1 president with lightening-fast reflexes.

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