Friday, January 30, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #128

Today's Word:
zombies in Austin

Today's Picture:

There are times I think, "I love living in Austin".

Yesterday, I have one of those moments. I was reading the front page of yesterday, checking-in on the news when I read, "Hackers warn of zombies". I thought to myself, that must have happened in Austin. Sure enough, someone broke into an electronic construction sign and re-programmed it to warn commuters of zombies in the area. KXAN (our NBC affiliate) ran a story about it. These were not just any zombies, these were Nazi Zombies. Check out this video that describes the prank:

Damn, that is funny. I wish I had a class C misdemeanor for re-programming traffic signs on my record. I wish I warned motorists of zombies. That is pure fun.

Austin is a relatively zombie obsessed town. Recently, Austin broke the world record for most people doing the Thriller dance simultaneously. The previous world record was 140... we had 880. We're #1! We're #1! Check out this video:

I am so proud to live here.

Even our Mayor, Will Wynn, got in the act. That is our mayor in the white shirt and red tie.

Our mayor represents us pretty well, in my opinion.

In Summary: zombies have attacked Austin, 881 people did the Thriller dance, Austin's mayor is rad. Yes, "rad" is still a word.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Google Image Search #127

Today's Word:
"Hilton Fort Worth"

Today's Picture:

I am in Fort Worth this weekend. Megan is here for a conference. I am working remotely for Thursday and Friday. I get to sit in my hotel room, fixing computer problems, watching cable on a giant 46 inch TV in HD. Hooray for hotel rooms. I love it.

We are staying at the Downtown Fort Worth Hilton. It is a beautiful and old hotel. It looked historic when I entered the lobby, but I did not realize how historic this building was until I got to the room.

In the room, I found a recreation of a painting of the hotel before it was bought by the Hiltons. The original name of the hotel was "Hotel Texas". Below the picture of the old hotel I read the following quote:

"This is the former Hotel Texas, where President Kennedy and First Lady stayed on November 21st, 1963. The next morning, after a speech in the hotel's ballroom and a press conference directly in front of the hotel, the President's motorcade departed, taking with it the final moments of a more innocent America."


I don't remember being so moved by a piece of hotel art work. I did not expect such a profound reflection of a historical event on my mini-vacation.

My dad called yesterday and I read the plaque to him. I have talked to him before about where he was when they said Kennedy was shot. I believe he was in school when it happened. I think I remember him being taken to a cafeteria or church to pray or something. I need to ask him again and write it down.

I guess I have been feeling hope since Obama took office. I hope I am not being naive. I have not been vocal about supporting a politician before. I have never put myself out there before. And if you told me 2 years ago that I would be vocally supporting a Chicago politician, I would say you are crazy. But I really think things are going to get better. I am not 100% convinced we haver bottomed-out yet, but I am 100% convinced things will get better.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #126

Today's Word:
I drank too much

Today's Picture:

Last night's show at the Alamo was a blast. I drank myself silly on stage. Les & Owen brought three games that I had never played before.

#1) Mouse-trap. We put about 40-60 mouse traps on stage and did a scene. It was as stupid as it sounds.

#2) Scene in Beer. We had four pitchers of beer on stage. During a scene, at least one person had to be drinking from a pitcher at all time. If you have ever seen the game oxygen deprivation, imagine that with beer. Thank you, Megan, for agreeing to drive me home (although I had recovered by the time I was to drive).

#3) Shave Your Head No-Laugh Scene. I did not play in this one. Les and Owen had a no laugh scene... whoever made the audience laugh more had to shave their head. Les lost, but both shaved their heads. Les' daughters were only mildly traumatized.

We went to Les' coffeehouse after the show. It was great to see old friends like Joyce & Camille that I had not seen in a long time. It was fun to hang out in a place that felt like home, even though Les has only had it for about 2 weeks. Cafe Caffeine is the new place to be in South Austin. If you are in South Austin, be sure to go get a coffee from Les. He is at 909 W. Mary, Austin, TX, 78704. That is the corner of Mary and 5th... between 5th and Bouldin.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

World's Most Dangerous Improv

Want to see me do improv?

One night only: Alamo Ritz downtown. 7:30 PM. Get off your backside and come check it out.

Get tickets here:

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #125

Today's Word:
Master Pancake The Matrix

Today's Picture:

I started doing shows with Master Pancake last weekend. The first weekend was a huge success. All four shows were sold-out. The show really got stronger as the weekend progressed. No show was weak, but each show got stronger and stronger. By 10 PM on Saturday, we were rocking and rolling.

The video for the sketch turned out like I hoped. It is fun & funny. It is definitely not perfect, but that is part of the charm. The audience seemed to really enjoy it.

I really love this movie. It is by-far the best of the Matrix trilogy. I remember seeing it in the theater and being blown away. While researching for the show, I discovered that Keanu Reeves was not the first choice for Neo. The first choice: Will Smith. Will Smith made Wild Wild West instead. That is one of the few poor choices Will Smith made since sporting his Kid-n-Play afro. Here is what Will Smith would have looked like:

I can see it.

What I could not see: Sean Connery was originally slated to be Morphius. Yes, instead of the excellent Laurence Fishburne, they wanted to cast James Bond to play Morphius. I could kinda see it, but not really. Here is what it would have looked like:

Nope, no good. I love Sean Connery, but not as Morphius.

It is hard to imagine anyone but Reeves and Fishburne in the Matrix.

But the person who steals the movie: Agent Smith. The guy does an amazing job. I am not going to type his name as I don't want to ruin the post below (hint, hint).

I am not going to be doing shows this weekend (I will be going to a conference with Megan). But I will be doing shows February 6th and 7th. Be sure to come check it out.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #124

Today's Word:
"working in Louisville"

Today's Picture:

I went to Louisville twice since my birthday. Once was for Christmas, the other for a work trip. Working in Louisville is a blast... except for the cold. I got to stay with my parents, which was much better than staying at a hotel. Plus, I was there for the week of BCS championship. So I watched that with my dad. I took my parents to see Slumdog Millionaire. They loved it.

Contrary to what Google image search would have you believe, when you work in Louisville, you are not a computer generated fairy. Instead, you are cold. I worked right downtown, near the AAA baseball stadium. I was on the 25th floor of the Waterford Towers (I believe that was the name. The office a beautiful view of the Falls of the Ohio. I told the client that I wanted to come back during Thunder Over Louisville (the fireworks & air show that proceeds the Kentucky Derby).

Here is a picture that a co-worker snapped of the Falls of the Ohio:

The Falls of the Ohio always remind me of the Stephen Ambrose book about Louis & Clark's expedition west. They had to cross the falls of the Ohio (before there were dams). If I remember the story correctly, when Louis & Clark took their boat through the falls, the locals (Native Americans) lined either side of the falls in anticipation of Louis & Clark failing to navigate the falls. They were expecting the boat to be crushed by the falls and they wanted to be on the shores to collect the debris.

Luckily, they made it.

The city of Louisville exists because of the Falls of the Ohio. Several people, when exploring the West via the Ohio River, decided to stop in Louisville rather than try to pass the Falls. The US is a country where major cities revolve around water. I am trying to think of major US Cities that do not have water near them. Phoenix comes to mind... is that right? Where else?

Getting around the country is a lot easier today than when Louis & Clark did it. I much prefer airplane to horse & buggy or boat.

In Summary: airplanes are better than a horse & buggy, Louisville has cartoon fairies, I like the Falls of the Ohio.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #123

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Today is one of the most historically significant days of my life. It is weird to type that sentence. I think this is the first time I could type that sentence and it not be a "bad thing".

Normally, when I felt a feeling of historical significance, it had been associated with a terrible tragedy. For example, I remember feeling a moment of historical significance when the Challenger exploded (I was home-sick from school and just so happened to be watching TV when NBC interrupted their broadcast). I remember when 9/11 happened. I was at Kembi's bar in Hiroshima, Japan, drinking a beer with Eric Schullstrom.

But I do not remember the feeling I have today. I am proud to be a part of something so historically significant. Congratulations, Barack Obama. Make the next (hopefully) 8 years better than the last 8 years.

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Back to Blogging!

Happy 2009!

After a month-long hiatus, I am back to blogging!

A bunch of stuff happened since I last blogged:
1) I flew to Kentucky twice
2) I hung out with a bunch of family
3) Master Pancake asked me to help mock The Matrix
4) I premiered a short-film at the Alamo
5) I built a green screen in my garage

I am going to write about each of these in coming days. But for now, enjoy your inauguration day. Phew... we made it.