Thursday, January 29, 2009

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"Hilton Fort Worth"

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I am in Fort Worth this weekend. Megan is here for a conference. I am working remotely for Thursday and Friday. I get to sit in my hotel room, fixing computer problems, watching cable on a giant 46 inch TV in HD. Hooray for hotel rooms. I love it.

We are staying at the Downtown Fort Worth Hilton. It is a beautiful and old hotel. It looked historic when I entered the lobby, but I did not realize how historic this building was until I got to the room.

In the room, I found a recreation of a painting of the hotel before it was bought by the Hiltons. The original name of the hotel was "Hotel Texas". Below the picture of the old hotel I read the following quote:

"This is the former Hotel Texas, where President Kennedy and First Lady stayed on November 21st, 1963. The next morning, after a speech in the hotel's ballroom and a press conference directly in front of the hotel, the President's motorcade departed, taking with it the final moments of a more innocent America."


I don't remember being so moved by a piece of hotel art work. I did not expect such a profound reflection of a historical event on my mini-vacation.

My dad called yesterday and I read the plaque to him. I have talked to him before about where he was when they said Kennedy was shot. I believe he was in school when it happened. I think I remember him being taken to a cafeteria or church to pray or something. I need to ask him again and write it down.

I guess I have been feeling hope since Obama took office. I hope I am not being naive. I have not been vocal about supporting a politician before. I have never put myself out there before. And if you told me 2 years ago that I would be vocally supporting a Chicago politician, I would say you are crazy. But I really think things are going to get better. I am not 100% convinced we haver bottomed-out yet, but I am 100% convinced things will get better.


anonymous said...

Take some time to visit the Modern Art Museum, too!

Ben said...

I might do that tomorrow.

stacy said...

that was me, stacy...not sure why i went all anonymous on you!