Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Today's Word:
I drank too much

Today's Picture:

Last night's show at the Alamo was a blast. I drank myself silly on stage. Les & Owen brought three games that I had never played before.

#1) Mouse-trap. We put about 40-60 mouse traps on stage and did a scene. It was as stupid as it sounds.

#2) Scene in Beer. We had four pitchers of beer on stage. During a scene, at least one person had to be drinking from a pitcher at all time. If you have ever seen the game oxygen deprivation, imagine that with beer. Thank you, Megan, for agreeing to drive me home (although I had recovered by the time I was to drive).

#3) Shave Your Head No-Laugh Scene. I did not play in this one. Les and Owen had a no laugh scene... whoever made the audience laugh more had to shave their head. Les lost, but both shaved their heads. Les' daughters were only mildly traumatized.

We went to Les' coffeehouse after the show. It was great to see old friends like Joyce & Camille that I had not seen in a long time. It was fun to hang out in a place that felt like home, even though Les has only had it for about 2 weeks. Cafe Caffeine is the new place to be in South Austin. If you are in South Austin, be sure to go get a coffee from Les. He is at 909 W. Mary, Austin, TX, 78704. That is the corner of Mary and 5th... between 5th and Bouldin.

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