Friday, January 30, 2009

Daily "Name This Person And Win!"

The first person who names the person in this picture wins a hug from Ben!!!


dan said...

I'm assuming this is a timely NTPAW, so I'm gonna go with Michael Steele. I'm looking forward play-on-words with his name, like the "party of Steele" and "Steele the election".

Ben said...

That is very close. Very, very close. But instead of "Republican from Maryland", think "Democrat from Illinois"... and no, not THAT Democrat from Illinois... the one who took his place in the Senate.

dan said...

Given the extra information, it must be either Barack Obama or Roland Burris. I'm gonna go with... Burris. Final Answer.

Ben, you clearly are not as timely as I thought.

Ben said...

Dan is the winner!

Yes, I am behind in the breaking political news. Did you hear that Mondale lost?!!!