Friday, January 30, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #128

Today's Word:
zombies in Austin

Today's Picture:

There are times I think, "I love living in Austin".

Yesterday, I have one of those moments. I was reading the front page of yesterday, checking-in on the news when I read, "Hackers warn of zombies". I thought to myself, that must have happened in Austin. Sure enough, someone broke into an electronic construction sign and re-programmed it to warn commuters of zombies in the area. KXAN (our NBC affiliate) ran a story about it. These were not just any zombies, these were Nazi Zombies. Check out this video that describes the prank:

Damn, that is funny. I wish I had a class C misdemeanor for re-programming traffic signs on my record. I wish I warned motorists of zombies. That is pure fun.

Austin is a relatively zombie obsessed town. Recently, Austin broke the world record for most people doing the Thriller dance simultaneously. The previous world record was 140... we had 880. We're #1! We're #1! Check out this video:

I am so proud to live here.

Even our Mayor, Will Wynn, got in the act. That is our mayor in the white shirt and red tie.

Our mayor represents us pretty well, in my opinion.

In Summary: zombies have attacked Austin, 881 people did the Thriller dance, Austin's mayor is rad. Yes, "rad" is still a word.

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