Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #124

Today's Word:
"working in Louisville"

Today's Picture:

I went to Louisville twice since my birthday. Once was for Christmas, the other for a work trip. Working in Louisville is a blast... except for the cold. I got to stay with my parents, which was much better than staying at a hotel. Plus, I was there for the week of BCS championship. So I watched that with my dad. I took my parents to see Slumdog Millionaire. They loved it.

Contrary to what Google image search would have you believe, when you work in Louisville, you are not a computer generated fairy. Instead, you are cold. I worked right downtown, near the AAA baseball stadium. I was on the 25th floor of the Waterford Towers (I believe that was the name. The office a beautiful view of the Falls of the Ohio. I told the client that I wanted to come back during Thunder Over Louisville (the fireworks & air show that proceeds the Kentucky Derby).

Here is a picture that a co-worker snapped of the Falls of the Ohio:

The Falls of the Ohio always remind me of the Stephen Ambrose book about Louis & Clark's expedition west. They had to cross the falls of the Ohio (before there were dams). If I remember the story correctly, when Louis & Clark took their boat through the falls, the locals (Native Americans) lined either side of the falls in anticipation of Louis & Clark failing to navigate the falls. They were expecting the boat to be crushed by the falls and they wanted to be on the shores to collect the debris.

Luckily, they made it.

The city of Louisville exists because of the Falls of the Ohio. Several people, when exploring the West via the Ohio River, decided to stop in Louisville rather than try to pass the Falls. The US is a country where major cities revolve around water. I am trying to think of major US Cities that do not have water near them. Phoenix comes to mind... is that right? Where else?

Getting around the country is a lot easier today than when Louis & Clark did it. I much prefer airplane to horse & buggy or boat.

In Summary: airplanes are better than a horse & buggy, Louisville has cartoon fairies, I like the Falls of the Ohio.

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