Monday, January 26, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #125

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Master Pancake The Matrix

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I started doing shows with Master Pancake last weekend. The first weekend was a huge success. All four shows were sold-out. The show really got stronger as the weekend progressed. No show was weak, but each show got stronger and stronger. By 10 PM on Saturday, we were rocking and rolling.

The video for the sketch turned out like I hoped. It is fun & funny. It is definitely not perfect, but that is part of the charm. The audience seemed to really enjoy it.

I really love this movie. It is by-far the best of the Matrix trilogy. I remember seeing it in the theater and being blown away. While researching for the show, I discovered that Keanu Reeves was not the first choice for Neo. The first choice: Will Smith. Will Smith made Wild Wild West instead. That is one of the few poor choices Will Smith made since sporting his Kid-n-Play afro. Here is what Will Smith would have looked like:

I can see it.

What I could not see: Sean Connery was originally slated to be Morphius. Yes, instead of the excellent Laurence Fishburne, they wanted to cast James Bond to play Morphius. I could kinda see it, but not really. Here is what it would have looked like:

Nope, no good. I love Sean Connery, but not as Morphius.

It is hard to imagine anyone but Reeves and Fishburne in the Matrix.

But the person who steals the movie: Agent Smith. The guy does an amazing job. I am not going to type his name as I don't want to ruin the post below (hint, hint).

I am not going to be doing shows this weekend (I will be going to a conference with Megan). But I will be doing shows February 6th and 7th. Be sure to come check it out.

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