Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #161

Today's Word:
"Polynisian pug"

Today's Picture:

To find this image, you must misspell the word, "Polynesian". Replace the "e" with an "i" and, BAM!, sleeping pug abuse!

As reported last Friday, we went the the pug luau this weekend. It was a blast. Right, PugPuggy?!

PugPuggy, are you saying "hello" or "good-bye"?

We ran into our friend Blake and she introduced us to our new friend, Weston. Weston is passionate about film-making, too. We dorked-out about HD cameras. It was fun.

In Summary - Ben can not spell Polynesian, PugPuggy says both hello and good-bye, I make my dog wear leis.

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