Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #164

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Monday evening marked the third annual Greaster celebration.

What is Greaster?

I found out via Google image search that it is Grease Meter Control Valve. I read the description here... but I am still confused.

Greaster is also the holiday I celebrate with friends on the Monday after Easter. Greaster has few traditions and fewer rules. One rule is that you must leave without saying good-bye. It is harder than it sounds. When it is time for you to depart, you stand-up and walk out. Another Greaster tradition: greasy food.

This year, Greaster was celebrated at the sacred gathering site of Waterloo Ice House on 38th and Lamar. Greaster was celebrated by the following good denizens of Austin:

To quote Scott Chester and many-a-lame-yearbook-caption, "A good time was had by all".

What do you have to say, PugPuggy?

Indeed. A very happy Greaster to all.

In Summary: Greaster is celebrated on the first Monday after Easter, Austin has denizens, PugPuggy wears ridiculous costumes for my entertainment.

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