Friday, April 10, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #163

Today's Word:
dog tricks

Today's Picture:

Best... dog... ever.

PugPuggy, can you bring me a beer?

I don't want a kangaroo. I would rather have a beer.

What tricks can you do, PugPuggy?

Not, bad. Not bad at all. What else?

That is pretty good. What else can you do?

PugPuggy, don't stalk me.

PugPuggy, that is very creepy. Don't stare at me from a distance.

Ooooo, the silent stare, very creepy.

PugPuggy, why don't you come close to me.

Yes, too close. Your breath smells like you have been eating out of a dumpster.

In Summary: PugPuggy can not (yet) bring me a beer, her breath smells like a dumpster, the silent stare is the creepiest of all stares.


Anonymous said...

The dog in the first picture is amazing. I need to get a "seeing beer dog."


Jennifer said...

I think you have 8 days to teach PugPuggy how to fetch beers. And if she can do that while wearing a lei, even better.

Ben said...

When PugPuggy fetches beers, I will be retired.