Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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"Best of Austin"

Today's Picture:

It is the time of the year when the Austin Chronicle tries to herd cats. Out of the hotchpotch of opinions that makes up greater Austin, the good people at the Chronicle try to ascertain a "Best of Austin" list. Asking for the "Best of Austin" is kinda like saying, "what is your favorite ice cream". It's ice cream... I love it all.

Nonetheless, they try. Good on 'em.

If you are going to vote, you can do it here. Hurry. Voting ends on July 21st.

Also, if you are going to vote, please consider the following people\places as each of them are near & dear to my heart:

Comedian/Comedy Troupe = Master Pancake
(please vote for Master Pancake... I am hoping John takes me for Bar-B-Q again)
Neighborhood/Dive Bar = Cafe Caffeine
Local Author/Poet = Owen Egerton
Movie Theatre = Alamo Drafthouse
Weatherperson = Jim Spenser
Annual Event = Fantastic Fest
Place to Tube = Comal River
Swimming Hole = Barton Springs
State Legislator = Donna Howard
Emergent Local Filmmaker = Kat Candler
Composer = Brian Satterwhite and Mitchell Westmoreland
Radio Music Deejay = John Erler
Radio Talk/News Host = Mascot Wedding\Mac Blake & David Jara
Unsung Behind-the-Scenester = Scott Chester
Environmentalist = Joe Parsons - he traded his SUV for a hybrid

Wild Card at bottom
Best Iced Toddy Coffee = Cafe Caffeine

If you are reading this and I forgot you: my bad. Put it in the comments.

In Summary: Joe Parsons is an environmentalist, Jim Spenser is the man, vote for Master Pancake so that John takes me for Bar-B-Q again.

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Anonymous said...

Category: Best Jumbo outside of Tucson, AZ.

The place that made my birthday cake.