Friday, July 17, 2009

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Las Vegas countdown

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Megan's mom is turning 60. We are meeting her in Las Vegas for her birthday. I have not been to Vegas in a long time. The first time I went to Vegas was to see the Greatful Dead at the Silver Bowl. Dave Matthews Band opened for them. It was about 4 or 5 months before Jerry Garcia died. Glad I got to see him before he died. Or should it be, "glad I got to see him before I died". Either way, glad I saw the Dead in Vegas. We stayed on the strip for 2 nights, then we camped at Lake Mead for 2 nights. It was a fun trip.

I've been back twice since then. I went once on my cross-country adventure. Tiajuana to Keane, New Hampshire... with my sister Jodi. There were cartwheels on the strip, lost wallets and injuries. I barely remember it, but I know I had fun. The most recent trip to Vegas was with Megan's family. We drove from Tucson to Las Vegas in a mini-van. This was while Megan and I were still dating. Pre-engagement, pre-marriage. I drove for most of it. It was the year after 9/11, so crossing the Hoover dam took forever. Security check lines were huge.

Vegas makes me think of three things: gambling, boxing and movies.

The first movie that comes to mind when talking about Vegas is this one...

... so money.

But, more recently, I think of this movie...

... Zach Galifiankis is hilarious.

In Summary: Going to Vegas, been to Vegas, Dead in Vegas.


Anonymous said...

I was one of the injured - though not seriously. Just a nasty scrape on the elbow due to beer. Also going the wrong way on an escalator was a factor.


Anonymous said...

When ben goes to Vegas, he apparently stays in Vegas.


Anonymous said...

I guess we will get no more wonderful quips and humor from Mr. Ben. :o( sigh... Maybe now that he has facebook he doesn't need a blog anymore?