Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ben's Blog - Back in Action

Blog - I have missed you. I am sorry I left you abandoned for so long. You must have been lonely. I feel sad that I left you with UFC wrestlers at the top for so long. You deserve better. Let me explain.

I put a baby inside of Megan. Hell, yes!!! High-five me, blog! I am going to be a dad!!! Crazy, eh?! I am stoked. Check out this picture of my baby:

My baby is a boy. Need proof? Check out his penis!

You looked a baby's penis, you pervert!

And here is a picture of his foot:

Crazy that this baby is inside of Megan's belly, eh? I am pumped. I have always wanted to be a dad. Now I am getting a shot. I hope I don't screw this up.

I was so stoked when I was blogging back in July because I knew that I was going to be a dad, but I had not told the world. We told my parents and Megan's mom face-to-face. So, when I was blogging back in July, it was like I was lying. I was trying desperately not to spill the beans, but it felt disingenuous to NOT write about the only thing that was really on my mind.

So I stopped blogging. I abandoned you. I am sorry, blog. I won't do it again... unless I forget.

There is so much to catch-up on. Here is what happened while I stopped blogging:
1) found out I was having a boy
2) went to Chicago\Milwaukee
3) Joe Parsons got married
4) did another STAG! show at the Alamo Ritz - sold out!
5) did a run of shows with Master Pancake

I will fill you in on the details in future blogs. But for now, know that I missed you.


Jennifer said...

Oh Ben, you've been missed! I almost gave up all hope completely.
Congrats to you and Megan, love the foot photo and looking forward to mor regular posts!

hope pray work 4 peace said...

way to go guys... congratulations! your boys got some great arms, although i think he was perfecting his sliced-brisket-eating technique in that shot.

Ben said...

Thanks, Jennifer & Mike. Mike - good point about the brisket-eating-technique. That is good form, son, good form. Jen - you can count on two things: #1 - more regular posts and #2 - Darrell and I drinking beer the first weekend in November. Thanks for sending him this way.

Anonymous said...

I think Junior was cheering for his Cats in that sonogram. Perhaps also singing Bear Down.


Renee said...

Yay! Welcome back! It was awesome to see your gorgeous wife when she was visiting Seattle the other week. I'm due a week after she is! We also have a foot photo. Alas, no penis photo as ours is a girl.

Donald Green said...