Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture 191

Today's Word:
"halloween gone wrong"

Today's Picture:

Some things, you can't "un-see". The picture above is one of them.

I am sorry, blog. I am sorry I put this picture on you. I am sure you are embarrassed of me. I am sure you are embarrassed for yourself. Why do I abuse you?

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. I love it. Here are some of my favorite costumes that I have worn through the years:

  • toilet
  • Guinness four-pack (with 3 other friends)
  • dancing banana
  • my high school calculus teacher

I love Halloween.

But if YOU love Halloween, you will come see Master Pancake's Halloween on Wednesday at 7 PM at the Alamo Ritz. Yours truly will be in the show. Come check it out. In the sketch, you will get to see Joe play Michael Myers (the murderer, not the comedian), John as the awesomely creepy Dr. Harold Loomis and me as a murdered female high school slut. It will not disappoint. Plus, a drinking game! Hooray! You can get tickets here. We make less of a mockery of this movie than Rob Zombie did.

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