Monday, November 3, 2008

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I filmed another short this weekend. I don't think "filmed" is the correct verb, since there was no film involved. I shoot entirely digital, so there is no film involved... there is not shooting, either. I think the correct word is "taping". But that makes it sound like we are 1) making an episode of Happy Days or 2) mending a tweaked ankle.

When creating a short movie on mini-DV tape, what is the right word in this sentence:
"I ________ another short this weekend."
1) filmed
2) shot
3) taped
4) created
5) (other)

I was up until 2 AM trying to get the house put back together after the shoot. We had 3 cast, 5 crew, 4 visitors and a pug at the shoot. It was a good party. Everyone did a great job and I am stoked to get this thing into post.

Halloween was fun. The Dancing Banana was a big hit. An even bigger hit was Megan's lamp costume. It was so popular, people even copied her costume at a party. A guy dressed as a cat burglar put a lamp-shade on his head and extension cord out of his pants and (WHAM!), instant lamp costume. My friend Katherine had a party. It was fun. I drank a couple of her beakers of green potion. The rest of the night was blurry.

This is the week of birthdays. November 6th is my nephew, Jackson. November 7th is my buddy, Scott Chester. November 8th is my buddy, Joe Parsons. I think that is right. I always get those 3 mixed up.

Next weekend, we are off to St. Louis for another wedding. This is the last wedding of 2008. It has been a good year for weddings.

That is it. I am sleepy.

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