Monday, November 17, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #113

Today's Word:
"dog days"

Today's Picture:

It is good to be a dog. There is nothing better than fanning your privates. There are some days I would like to be PugPuggy. For example, when I saw this picture that Megan took:

That looks comfortable... except for her head being on the floor instead of her bed. I don't get it.

But most days, I am excited I am not PugPuggy. For example, I would be pissed if I ate Science Diet every day. Also, I like having thumbs. I am glad I am not scared of the vacuum cleaner. PugPuggy's biggest enemies (in order)
1) vacuum cleaner
2) lawn mower
3) Roomba
4) her tail
5) squirrels
6) Simon Cowell... no wait, that is me

And that is my stupid blog entry for today.

In summary, PugPuggy hates the vacuum cleaner, I like having thumbs and fanning your privates is great.

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Anonymous said...

Looks comfy