Friday, November 21, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #115

Today's Word:
"bad parenting"

Today's Picture:

So I have seen these mock-inspirational-posters before. Usually I laugh my ass off at them. But this one is just scary. That is not really funny as much as it is horrifying. For example, this is funny:

It is mean, but it is funny.

Tonight, Megan and I are going to see the movie Role Models. This is my second time seeing this movie, but Megan's first. This movie really makes me laugh. There is one scene in particular that makes me laugh: Elizabeth Banks's character is trying to have a sincere conversation with Paul Rudd's character and Paul Rudd's character starts quoting lines from movies. It starts out relatively sincerely, then gets more and more absurd. Another scene that made me wet-my-pants a little bit: Jane Lynch and Ken Marino playing with the bagel dog at the end of the movie.

Hooray for date night.

In Summary: "bagel dogs" are funny, "failure" is mean and funny, "bad parenting" is letting your child slide through a grater.


Anonymous said...

Ben - if it wasn't for your blog what would I do at work? enjoy date night! cheers, haleigh

Ben said...

Thanks Haleigh. I am glad to help you through your day. I wish we were seeing you over the holidays. Next year, more Skip-Bo!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Skip-Bo! I will miss you guys at Christmas:(