Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #177

Today's Word:
broken camera

Today's Picture:

Since I have last blogged, I:

  • saw the Moore family
  • watched Megan's cousin graduate
  • ate a lobster in Maine
  • drove to Montreal
  • took a boat ride on the St. Lawrence River
  • saw Fenway Park for the first time
  • ate Chinese food with Ken and Marie
  • partied hard in Rhode Island
  • watched our dear friends Andy and Mary Ellen in Narragansett, R.I.
  • saw Michael and John and their 2 adorable adopted children
  • had a great visit with Haleigh from Seattle

... and I have pictures of none of it.


I ran over my camera.

Yes. I am a doo-dah. I put my camera on the hood of my car and forgot it was there. We had taken PugPuggy to the dog park with Haleigh. I put the camera on the hood while I was toweling PugPuggy off. She was wet from swimming in the creek. I put PugPuggy in the backseat, pulled out on Texas Highway 360... and CRUNCH! Good-bye digital pictures. We looked for about 45 minutes for the camera, thinking I could at least save the SD card with the photos from all of the above events. No luck. We could not find it. I was crushed.

So I have decided to Photoshop Megan and I into the above scenarios. I am also hoping some of our friends e-mail us pictures of our adventures.

This week is Photoshop week! Hooray!

In Summary: I am a doo-dah, I have no photos from our last 3 weeks, this is Photoshop week!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy. Since you have last blogged, my spouse and I have also been busy.

I spent a week working in Vancouver. You know of my affection for Sonoran Hot Dogs. Well in Vancouver there is a hot dog cart peddling Japanese hot dogs! Japadog!!!

On the way home I spent a couple days in San Francisco with Mr. Peri.

During this time, J spent a week in Pittsburgh with her family.

Also, good luck to J as she is running a half-marathon this weekend in Denver. Go J!!!


Ben said...

Awesome. I must try a Japadog. Jen - good luck running the half-marathon. You are crazy.