Thursday, June 18, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #180

Today's Word:
boston red sox fan

Today's Picture:

Continuing the "I Crushed My Digital Camera, Lost All My Digital Pictures of My Trip, Therefore Photoshopped Myself Into A Bunch Of Crap For Your Entertainment" segment, today's leg of the trip is: Boston!

Boston is a beautiful city. Here is what a picture of Megan and I in front of the skyline might have looked like, had we been standing on a buoy in the middle of the bay:

There are more universities than residents in Boston. Well, maybe not that many universities, but there are a ton. And, unlike Arizona State University, they are REAL colleges that allow people to learn and everything! Here is a picture of me at Harvard:

Damn! I look smarter just standing in that gate with the big red arrow following me around.

While in Boston, we had a lovely dinner with Megan's friends, Ken & Marie. They are wonderful people. I enjoyed our amazing Chinese dinner. Ken, like myself, is a fan of the sport of baseball. He drove me past Fenway Park, home of the Green Monster. It was really cool to see a part of baseball history. I took pictures of it. Had I hit a game-winning home run for the Boston Red Sox, lent my digital camera to the center-fielder of the opposing team and asked the center-fielder to take a picture of me as I triumphantly rounded first base AND then NOT run-over my digital camera with my car, this is what that picture would have looked like:

In Summary: Boston is buoy-licious, opposing center-fielders take pictures of me hitting home-runs in my world, there is a green monster in Fenway Park (don't make him angry).


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! Can't wait to see the real photos.


Random thought- do you think the camera could have handled being run over by the smart car?


Ben said...

The camera was 17 times bigger than the smart car.