Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #182

Today's Word:
pancake performance

Today's Picture:

I don't understand. Barack Obama with pancakes behind him. Susan Boyle singing. It does not make sense. Yet strangely, I like it.

Last weekend was filled with Master Pancake performances. Joe went out of town for a weekend at the lake. I took his place in the Master Pancake show. The shows were fun... except the last one. I blamed the audience... specifically, David Strong. (I'm kidding, David Strong, I'm kidding)

We also took PugPuggy to the dog park. She picked a fight with a pitbull. She lost. Nothing bad happened (no blood, no stitches), but it was still scary. There is nothing like watching your dog's entire body enter another dog's mouth. I am not blaming the pitbull entirely. PugPuggy is a little instigator. She has a severe Napoleon complex. She has no idea she is little. She thinks she is the boss of everyone.

Sunday night, I played softball. My team did not lose... we took 2nd place... in a 2 team race in which we scored fewer runs than the other team we were playing. Hooray!

In summary: my softball team took 2nd place out of 2 teams, PugPuggy thinks she is the boss, David Strong is to blame for all my comedic short-comings.


Anonymous said...

I see Susan Boyle singing her new song "Pancake Jesus."


Ben said...

I would buy "Pancake Jesus" on iTunes.