Thursday, June 11, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #178

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Today's Picture:

Today starts the fake-photo album of our adventures of the past week.

If you did not read the post below, I broke our digital camera by 1) leaving it on the hood of the car and 2) running over it with the car. It was tragic.

But I have decided to relive our trips to...
Narragasett, Rhode Island
Austin (with special guest, Haleigh)
... via the magic of PhotoShop.

First, up: MAINE!

Megan and I went to Maine. Here we are in Maine:

Yes, it was beautiful here. The weather was perfect. The people were nice. They were very pro-environment. They put dirt on their roads instead of salt. They love the earth in Maine. I loved Maine.

Megan and I ate lobster. Here is a photo of what it would have looked like had I not run-over the camera with my Tahoe:

Yes, beautiful.

We went to Maine because Megan's cousin graduated from college. Here is a picture of what it might have looked like:

Congratulations, cousin-in-law John. John is off to work for IBM after graduation. He will be working in St. Louis. Hooray for the Midwest.

Megan & I stayed in Freeport, Maine. That is the home of the L.L. Bean company. This is a picture of Megan and I running away from the L.L. Bean Factory outlet in our wedding clothes:

In Summary: We ate lobster, we are scared of L.L. Bean, John graduated from college.


Jennifer said...

These photos may be better than the originals.

Anonymous said...

I love the photos Ben and can't wait to see more - haleigh