Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Southpaw Jones at the Cactus Cafe

I drank myself silly last night.

I have been burning pretty hard this week between work, Pancake and video editing. It has been a fun week, I am not complaining. But I wanted to drink myself silly, so I did. It started at Pancake practice and then continued at I Love Video who gives free beer on Tuesdays.

Then I went to Southpaw Jones' CD Release party last night at the Cactus Cafe. He released his CD Cruelty. The name of Southpaw's CD marks the first time I have ever used italic text on my blog. It is a special moment for my blog.

My life is a little happier because I know Southpaw. He walks the fine line of humor and sincerity like a Flying Wallenda brother... and not the ones that have fallen, the Flying Wallendas with good balance. I have seen him play a couple of times... both as Southpaw and Cuddly Paw (or is it Huggy Bear?), a member of Austin's only boy band, Cedar Fever.

Southpaw played to a full house at the Cactus Cafe. I was lucky enough to get a seat and to be joined by the one and only Owen Egerton.

Sitting there last night, listening to Southpaw play, drinking a Lone Star with Owen... the same thought kept going through my head: I really love my life and I am so lucky to live in Austin.

I miss hanging out with Owen. We are both busy beavers, building our damn dams. But when I do get to hang out with him, I love it... and I often get too drunk. I ended the night at Hole In The Wall. It was a lovely evening talking about dreams (die & fly), movies and family.

I wish Southpaw would release a CD every night.

Really, really nice work, Southpaw.

Please go buy a copy of Southpaw Jones' CD. It is available here and on iTunes. If you live in Austin, check it out at Waterloo. I love the song about Fatty Arbuckle. I also loved Legitimate Film. And he sang a song about Left Handers that is absolutely classic. Actually, I like all his songs. Please check him out.