Monday, November 2, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #195

Today's Word:
Stacy Hedger

Today's Picture:

Stacy Hedger was the inspiration for my Halloween costume this year. If you have not seen the video, search for "Stacy Hedger Star Wars" on YouTube. You will find it. It might make sense after you see it. My friend, Brian, is a composer. He explained to me that Stacy's trumpet was in Bb and the music was written in C. That is why she is off by a full step (atleast). She should have played it in D, then it would have been in-sync with the orchestra. But the dance is what makes it... especially the Charlie Chaplin interlude. Awesome.

I spent all weekend explaining my costume. After 2 Halloween parties of explaining my costume, I told Megan, "next year, I am going as something self-explanatory." Maybe I will be a storm-trooper. Or maybe I will be cookie monster. I just don't want to dress up like something that requires a brochure to explain.

In fairness, if I saw a full grown man in spandex unitard, carrying a trumpet, I would have asked, "what are you supposed to be?" The answer: Stacy Hedger.

I would like to thank the one guy who said, "are you that YouTube lady?" I wanted to hug him. But, unfortunately, it is against my moral code of conduct to hug another man while wearing a full body suit of spandex. Plus, would you want a guy who looked like this to hug you?

I didn't think so.

Who was huggable? Megan. Her costume was awesome. She went as an X-Ray with a baby in her stomach giving the thumbs-up. Here is a picture of her costume:


Renee said...

Both of you look awesome. Ben, please tell me you did the little cantina dance.

Ben said...

Yes, I did the cantina dance... with pride.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Thanks for starting my day off with a smile! megan