Friday, November 6, 2009

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I am totally stoked. There are 2 big reasons.

#1 - Darrell is coming to Austin this weekend. We are going to laugh, drink beer, eat Bar-B-Q and watch football.

#2 - I got into Butt-Numb-Athon! 24 hours of movie-watching bliss in celebration of Harry Knowles' birthday. Hell yes! High-five the blog!

I am pumped. This should be a great weekend.

In Summary: I am stoked, I am pumped, Darrell is coming to Austin.


Jennifer said...

enjoy your weekend with Darrell in Austin. I know I will.

Ben said...

We had a blast. We tried to drink like we were still in college, but were unsuccessful. Tall-boy coozies... HOORAY!