Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #197

Today's Word:
"doctor's visit"

Today's Picture:

Since Megan has been pregnant, I have been to the doctor's office more times in the past 6 months than at any 6 month period of my life. I have been to all the appointments. I have been to all the flu shots. It has been cool. This is what it looks like:

I am not normally a huge fan of doctor's offices. I get anxious just being there. I never think about what is wrong with me... unless I am at a doctor's office. I read the informational packets while waiting for the doctor. Ovarian cancer. Yeast infections. Scoliosis. There is a bunch of scary crap in the world that I do not know about. Sometimes I read the packets and think, "I will probably get this disease at some point." Then my heart starts racing. Unlike G.I. Joe, I think in regards to my health anxiety, NOT knowing is half-the-battle.

But I have been having fun at Megan\the baby's doctor's visits. Here is a picture of me having fun:

Turns out, I'm not pregnant. But Megan is.

I like these doctor's visits for a few reason:

  • I get to look at the other people's baby pictures and make sassy comments to make Megan laugh.
  • I get to hear the baby's heart beat. It is awesome.
  • I get to miss work sometimes. That is cool.
  • The doctors\mid-wives at Megan's OB\GYN are cool.

I tried to take a picture of Megan and I at our most recent doctor's visit. I set the timer and ran to the front of the camera. But this is what happened:

Oooooooo, so close. So close.

I should have stacked-up some of those scary informational packets to move the camera up. Or I guess we could have ducked-down. Either way would have worked. But now you know what I wore to the doctor's visit.

In Summary: G.I. Joe is cool, I have doctor anxiety issues, I am not pregnant (but Megan is pregnant).

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you guys both look like you are very fit