Monday, May 4, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #169

Today's Word:
Megan's birthday dinner

Today's Picture:

Google, you mysterious, magical image searcher. A couple of questions:

  • Are these kids old enough to be talking on a cell phone?
  • Are these kids old enough to be eating sushi?
  • Are these kids old enough to drink?
  • Which one of these kids is Megan?
So the above picture was not taken at Megan's birthday dinner. But this picture was:

That is Megan and I after her birthday dinner. The food was amazing.

In Summary: Kids should not have cell phones, kids should not eat sushi, Megan had a birthday dinner with a handsome guy in a jacket.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely couple!

Anonymous said...

I of course meant you and Megan, not the cell phone talking, sushi eating, beer drinking boys:)

Ben said...

Phew. Thank you for the compliment on my relative loveliness. I am glad we are cuter than the under-age, raw-fish-eating, cell-phone screaming brats in the first picture.