Friday, May 15, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #174

Today's Word:
happy dog

Today's Picture:

It is Friday. And I am a happy dog. It has been a short week, but I am pooped. I am happy this week is over. I feel like PugPuggy in this picture...

... except my teeth are not as jacked-up as PugPuggy's teeth.

Last night, I stayed up until 2 AM finishing-up a Master Pancake video for their Rocky IV show which starts tonight. I am not in the show, I just made the video. Megan watched it this morning and said, "this is the most entertaining thing you have made". How about that?! The sketch video was John's idea. I just DP'ed and edited for him. It was fun to make. My sister Jess is in it twice... once as an Alamo employee, once as a robot.

If you want to see the video, you can check out Master Pancake at the Alamo Drafthouse any Friday or Saturday for the next 3 weeks. You can get tickets here. Mac, David, John & Joe are sure to rock Rocky IV. This movie has everything you could possibly want in a movie: boxing, a robot, montages, communism, heavy-handed political messages from Sylvester Stallone, more montages, Drago, more training montages, more flash-back-to-previous-Rocky-movie montages, Apollo dies... this movie has it all.

In Summary: It is Friday, I am a happy dog, Master Pancake Rocky IV is going to rock.

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MBB said...

This might be the funniest Master Pancake that Ben is not performing in that I've ever seen. Sorry guys, I'm partial.