Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #176

Today's Word:
too damn busy

Today's Picture:

This morning, Owen & Les e-mailed me and asked me to go to a movie with them... the opening of Terminator Salvation at the Alamo Village. I said, "no, I am too busy".

What kind of a doo-dah am I?

Who cares if I am busy? These are friends! And this is a movie I wanted to see! What is wrong with me? I should have gone. Oh well.

I think that has been a common theme in my life recently: there are more things I want to do than I have time to do. I think I work too much.

Any solutions out there?

In Summary: I am too damn busy, I should have gone and hung out with Les & Owen, I am a doo-dah.


dan said...

Teach Pug Puggy to walk herself and clean up her own poop. That will give you a good hour or two back each week.

Anonymous said...

i say, teach PugPuggy to do your job for you. she can go to work for you and you'll have all the free time in the world to watch movies!