Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #173

Today's Word:
Jess Zach Pug Puggy

Today's Picture:

Jess is my youngest of 3 sisters. She lives in Milwaukee where she works for Americore. Zach also lives in Milwaukee where he is a law student at Marquette. Jess and Zach have a band called One Small Step. They are awesome.

Jess and Zach went back to Milwaukee yesterday. I had a blast with them. Here is what we did...

  • tubing on the Comal River
  • took PugPuggy to the creek
  • saw 3 movies (Star Trek, Earth & Observe and Report)
  • filmed a Master Pancake sketch
  • played (or watched) a softball game
  • went to 2 outlet malls
  • went to IKEA
  • went to Barton Springs
  • went to the Blanton to see the "Birth of Cool" exhibit
... so I am pooped. The visit was so fun. I was really sad to go back to "normal life". I am having a hard time adjusting at work. I just want to hang out on my back porch with my sister again.

Here is a picture of four people sitting on a 3-person couch...

... we took this picture at Megan's office. What did we do before the timer shot?

Here is a picture of Jess and Zach at Bull Creek. PugPuggy loves to swim in Bull Creek...

... that was the latest I had ever been to Bull Creek. We left just after sunset and it was getting dark.

We hung-out on the porch a bunch. This is what it looked like from a small squirrel's angle...

... if you are a squirrel, PugPuggy is HUGE!!!

One more picture of 2 of my favorite people in the world (and 1 of my favorite pugs in the world):

In Summary: Jess and Zach are awesome, I am pooped, PugPuggy's head is HUGE to a squirrel!


Anonymous said...

Even though I was just there, I am still jealous.


Ben said...

Come on back. Any time.