Monday, November 9, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #200

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Darrell came to Austin last weekend. This is a picture of Darrell & I, getting ready for a Texas Martini at Chuy's:

I picked Darrell up at the airport around 8:30 PM on Friday, then we ate at Rudy's. After dinner, we headed to the Master Pancake E.T. show. The next morning, we:

  • ate pancakes
  • went to a UT tailgate
  • received 4 tallboy-koozies from the good people at Tecate
  • drank 2 tallboys of Tecate
  • met nice people from Tucson... while tailgating at a UT game... weird
  • ate at Mann's Bar-B-Q
  • watched the Arizona vs. Washington State game with a UA alum named George
  • went to a birthday party for my buddy Scott
  • got 2 more tallboys of Tecate
  • watched some Saturday night live
It was a good Saturday.

Sunday morning, Megan, Darrell and I went out for breakfast where Darrell took this picture of Megan and I:

We all ate migas.

Then we stopped at Chuy's for a Texas Martini before sending Darrell on his way back to Tucson. It was a quick trip, but fun to see an old friend.

Darrell - Bear Down.

In Summary: Tecate tallboy-koozies rock, everyone eats migas, a UT football game is a good place to meet people from Tucson


Anonymous said...

To further summarize - tallboys in tallboy-koozies bookend a day of beer drinking, BBQ tastes good, PugPuggy knows how to party.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for sending him home in one piece.

He smelled a lot better coming home from Austin than when you two traveled to Baton Rougue. He stunk.