Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #201

Today's Word:
cute kid costume

Today's Picture:

I am getting stoked about having my first child for a few reasons. Some of them are goofy. Here are the goofiest:

  • I want to shop for toys
  • I want to see cartoons at the movie theater without people wondering why I am there
  • I want to play baseball
  • I want to make Halloween costumes for my kids

My friends Brian & Gordon have sons. I saw their boys at Brady's Halloween party. Here is Holden, Brian's son:

Brian made the iPhone costume for Holden. Bad-ass.

This is Landon:

Awesome Speed Racer costume. Nice work, Gordon & Kim.

In summary: I want to play baseball, Holden and Landon had bad-ass costumes, cartoons with kids are OK


Jennifer said...

I saw twins this halloween that were dressed as Mario and Luigi and I asked them about their costumes. They replied "our dad picked it out".

Ben said...

Nice. I can not wait to pick out my son's costume. I think the first year: mal-formed twin. It will be the baby coming out a hole in my shirt. Classy.