Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #204

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Creepy. These koala bears are up to no good. I can see it in their untrustworthy koala-eyes.

Last weekend was a fun-filled-weekend. I could not have crammed more fun into a 2.5 days if I tried. I am still recovering (thus, no blog entries for 2 days).

The weekend started on Friday night with Megan and I attending the screening of Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. The director was in attendance. Who directed it? This guy:

John Krasinski. (aka Jim from The Office). Megan thinks he's cute. She thought he was cute enough to take a picture with him:

During his Q&A before (yes, before) the film, he said a bunch of insightful things which I don't remember. I should have been taking notes. But I ordered a chocolate cake instead.

That was Friday night, 9:45 PM movie. We got home around midnight. We were in bed by 1 AM.

Saturday, I woke up at 4 AM to catch a plane to see this guy...

... Schully.

I took the BART from the airport to Oakland, the closest station to Alameda where Schully lives. The Oakland BART station is rough. It looks like a place hookers go to die. I tried not to make eye-contact with anyone, as even the children could kick my ass. When I got off the BART in Oakland, Schully called my cell saying he would pick me up in a blue Ford Excursion and I should meet him outside. So I am looking for a bald guy in a big Ford SUV. Again, I am trying not to make eye-contact with anyone. A green mini-van pulled up and started revving its engine right next to me. I was thinking, what kind of jack-ass would rev the engine of a mini-van. Turns out, it was this kind of jack-ass...

... yes, it was Schully in sunglasses, an afro wig and an "I Heart NY" T-Shirt. I laughed.

Next, we drove home where we saw Lana...

... and Archie...

... and we played with the afro wig...

... which looked way better on Archie.

Next up, Schully drove me to Berkeley for the Cal\Arizona football game. I graduated from the University of Arizona. I was the mascot for the U of A from 1995-1998. Arizona lost to Cal. I don't want to talk about it. Here is a picture of the game...

...I take full responsibility for the loss. They never win when I go to their away games.

The only good part of the Cal\Arizona game was seeing Mike Remedi.

I had not seen Mike in a long time. He looked the same.

Schully, how would you best summarize my Saturday in Berkeley?

You're god damn, right, big man in a little coat.

Sunday was the Raiders game... which deserves its own post.

In Summary: Oakland children can beat the shit out of me, koala bears have untrustworthy koala-eyes, afro wigs are funny.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Remedi this weekend and ask him about Ben's attire. Did he wear a suit to the game? It might explain the outcome.


Jennifer said...

Thats fantastic that you saw Remedi.

After the game I blamed the loss on your presence. Darrell told me not to point that out to you, but since you have come to the same conclusion yourself....

Ben said...

I take full responsibility for all of Arizona's short-comings in football. It is my fault. Blame me. But when we win, I will drink myself silly.

Sonia68 said...

Great pictures i love the koala bears and the kids