Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bearded Ben

During my trip to Australia, I let my facial hair grow. Actually, I was too lazy to shave.

After 14 days of not-shaving, this is what I looked like:

I call this look, "Lost-in-the-Wilderness Ben".

Here is a picture of "Goatee Ben":

Here is "Four-Score-and-7-Years-Ago-I-Got-Shot-In-A-Theater Ben""

aka "Lincoln Ben"
aka "Penny Ben"

Here is "Thin-Beard-Ben". I call this look the "Schully":

I also call this look the "I Just Got A Job As A Bouncer".

Finally, here is "Normal Ben".

I use the word "normal" very loosely.

In summary: Ben was shot in a theater, Erik Schullstrom is a bouncer, facial hair itches.


Chairman of the Beer Drinking Convention said...
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Ben said...

The Office is my favorite comedy on TV. It is brilliant. And Mose is one of my favorite random characters.