Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PugPuggy and My Feet

One of PugPuggy's favorite things to do is carry a toy or stick over to my feet, put the toy or stick on my feet and then chew it. Sometimes, she will leave the toy or stick on my feet and run off. I don't understand what is so appealing about my feet. Maybe she views my feet as a plate. Maybe she needs some leverage for her chewing. Maybe she is pretending to eat me while she chews her toys. I don't know.

It has become so frequent that I no longer pay attention to this behavior. I had forgotten about this behavior until it showed up in our photographs.

Look at the stick on my feet in this picture of PugPuggy. She put it on my feet.

PugPuggy also likes to lick my toes. Again, I am dumbfounded by her behavior.

She is weird, but I like her that way.

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~L~ said...

Big Little Guy says, "Pugpuggy is awesome!"