Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Iron Man at the Alamo Drafthouse

I won!

Last week I made an iron man costume for a promotion at the Alamo & aintItCool.com. I found out that I won tickets to the advanced screening. The best part of the advanced screening was 1) being with friends I had not seen in a while and 2) the pre-show with the Jet Pack guy. He literally flew about 40 feet in the air.

Seeing Iron Man for free was great enough by itself. But Tim League of the Alamo and Harry Knowles of aintItCool.com made it even better by finding a real-life Iron Man.

The Jet Pack was so LOUD! It was also mildly scary. When he landed, he kicked gravel and dirt. I could not watch him the entire time because I was covering my eyes from the dirt & gravel flying into my face. My friends Les, Jodi & Owen were with me. Jodi & Owen are expecting a baby. When the Jet Pack guy was flying, they both had the same reaction of "protect the unborn baby". They quickly scooted away from the barrier. I was trying to take photos while the chaos was happening. Here are a few of my shots. Some of these are off-centered. Please forgive me, I was staring into the sun, trying to hold my ears closed and take pictures at the same time.

Check-out how high this guy got.

This is Jet Pack Guy landing... a pretty cool shot if I do say so myself.

Finally, I dorked-out and had my picture taken with Jet Pack Guy.

I have a goofy look on my face. I am pointing at him as if someone just said to me, "who is your hero?" My answer as expressed by the photo above, "this guy". Seriously, that guy has the coolest job. He gets to fly in a Jet Pack. How sweet is that? I bet he is almost deaf by now. That Jet Pack was SO LOUD!

Here is a picture of Tim League, owner of the Alamo, MC-ing the event:

It was an awesome night, capped by drinks with the one and only Les.

In summary: Iron Man rocked, the Jet Pack guy has the coolest job, thank-you Tim League and Harry Knowles for making this happen.


Stacy said...

jet pack guy is a hottie!

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