Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #26

Here is how this works:
I put in a word into the Google image search.
I post the picture of the first thing that comes back.

Today's Word:
"super dork"

Today's Picture:

I am mildly surprised a picture of me in an Iron Man costume did not appear. I was reading the description of this watch and it said, "The Nixon Men's Metal Dork Watch makes being a super dork pretty cool..The Dork Watch features a simple digital module display, date indicator, and a steel metal flex band. It's so freakin' cool, Nixon gave it the most ironic name they could think of. That's not to imply it isn't as smart as that tech weenie in your math class—the Dork literally tells you the time with custom voice alarms courtesy of Tony Hawk, Saxton Boucher, and other surprise guests. Simply set the alarm, and these guys will tell you when it's time to get moving. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Dork is relatively un-athletic and is afraid of water. *Available for US shipment only"

There was a reviewer who said he had to change the watch battery 16 times in a year. He had to change it this often because the voice drains the battery. It says "dork" every hour on the hour. Crazy, eh?

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