Monday, June 16, 2008

Awesome Weekend

Last weekend was a blast.

It started Thursday night with the Baghead premiere. I loved it. Go see it. It is brilliant and self-aware. It really makes fun of itself in the opening sequence.

Friday was great, too. I saw Joe, John & Buzz perform Master Pancake's Goldfinger. It was rehearsal & hanging out.

Saturday, I saw The Promotion. My friends Mark, Kat & Leslie. Then I performed with Master Pancake on Saturday night. Joe Parsons was at a wedding (not his wedding). The 7 PM was a great warm-up for a rocking 10 PM show. I performed with John & Buzz Moran. John Erler was brilliant (as usual). Master Pancake has been on a Rick Perry kick for some reason. Rick Perry is the governor of Texas. The governor's mansion burned down last weekend. It is not really funny, but it was cracking me up last weekend.

Buzz Moran is awesome. I had never met Buzz before performing with him in Master Pancake. He is a delight. He is also a proud father of a 7 week old boy. I think Buzz will be a great dad because he wears the same glasses my dad wore in 1968. My dad is a great dad... therefore the glasses must be a good omen. Here is a picture of Buzz:

Sunday was a great day, too. I spent it with Megan. We took PugPuggy to Bull Creek & we saw Zohan with Adam Sandler. It is a renter. It was not bad, just not great either. I was mildly surprised to see Dave Matthews in it. That was funny.

In other news, PugPuggy discovered a baby bird in the backyard. PugPuggy wanted to play with it, but it is WAY too little to play with PugPuggy. The baby bird can not fly & it just hops around our back yard. It is spending most of our time under the porch. Occasionally, a momma bird interacts with the baby bird... feeding it I assume. The baby bird is too little to fly. So Megan & I have been keeping PugPuggy inside. 2P's is too big to play with the baby bird & too curious to leave it alone.

I assume the baby bird is hurt. But it is very much alive. I don't know how long it will make it, but I hope it learns to fly.

In Summary: Buzz Moran will be a great dad, I hope the baby bird learns to fly before PugPuggy eats it, Texas Governor Rick Perry lives under the stage at the Alamo Ritz.

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