Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ben Bartley the Busy Bee

Recently, I have not been blogging as often. I need to shake that.

What is happening with me? I am working too much. Besides the normal 9-6 job, I have been editing a training video for the one and only Les McGehee. Les is the owner of National Comedy Theater in Austin. Les is such a great guy, he put my wife & I on the cover of his book:

If the cover of Les' book was a Beatles album (bare with me), Megan would be Paul (she is not wearing shoes... internet rumors about her death would quickly circulate), Les would be Ringo (the heart of the band, staring at the happy face) and I would be Yoko (staring directly at the flying money bag). George Harrison would not be on this album\book cover because he would be busy getting his wife back from Eric Clapton.

Besides editing Les' video, I just found out I am going to sub for my buddy Joe Parsons at Master Pancake this weekend. What is Master Pancake, you ask? Master Pancake is a movie mocking group at the Alamo Drafthouse. Occasionally I perform with them. This weekend, Joe is going to a wedding. So I will be filling-in on Saturday night.

Master Pancake mocks a movie in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000. But we do it live in front of a drunk audience. The Alamo servers beer & liquor. We do drinking games during the movie. It is about the most fun you can have at a movie theater, in my humble & biased opinion. In fact, it was rated as the number 2 way to experience a movie by Kate McNally. Fittingly, we are number 2!

About half-way through the movie, we stop the movie and do a sketch loosely based on the plot of the movie. Guess who I am playing. If you guessed James Bond, you were wrong. I am playing...

... OddJob. I am playing a Korean body guard who grunts. I am so tired of being type-casted.

You can buy tickets on the Alamo website.

So life is good. Life is busy. But life is good.

Tonight, I am going to see the premiere of Baghead in Spicewood, Texas. It should be a good time. Baghead is the latest movie by the Duplass Brothers.

In summary: 1) I am happy and busy, 2) Les, Megan & I are the new Beatles, and 3) Korean body guards are awesome.

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