Friday, June 27, 2008

The Weekend Before Last

I had a blast last weekend. Here is why:

Haleigh was in town from Seattle!

Haleigh is Megan's roommate from college. She stood-up for Megan at our wedding.

Haleigh arrived on Thursday. Thursday night, we saw U23D. It was awesome. U2 is pretty good. U2 in 3D is awesome. The quality of the 3D blew me away. It really felt like I was at a concert. It helped that it was at an IMAX. A couple of times, I felt like Bono was going to touch me on the face. It was foot-stomping fun. The only thing that would have made it better: beer & room to dance. Go see this:

On Friday, I took a comp day from work. My work is cool because they give me comp days for when I work weekends & extra time. I have been working a lot this past month... too much, in fact. So I took a comp day on Friday and went tubing on the Comal River. Tubing on the Comal looks like this:

You can bring a cooler of beer and float on the river. They are getting more and more strict about floating the river. You have to have a certain sized cooler, you can only bring so much beer per person, etc, etc. When I first floated down the Comal a few years back, we saw people doing Jell-O shots, drinking from a beer bong... it was ridiculous. Maybe I am getting older, but I am OK with not being able to drink my beer out of a contraption made at Home Depot. I do not need PVC pipe to consume alcohol.

Another sign I am getting weirder in my old age: we took PugPuggy tubing. She wore a life jacket. I don't think I will ever do that again. I don't think she had fun. She especially did not like the chute part of the tubing trip. Here is a photo of the chute:

The first time we went down the Comal, my buddy Juris's girlfriend, Gloria, almost drown when she went over the dam. It was rough. This time, we knew not to go over the dam. Juris: DO NOT GO OVER THE DAMNNNNNN!

After we floated the Comal one time, we were not ready for it to be done. So we got back in the van that takes you back to your car... and we floated again. Two trips down the Comal.

We skipped lunch. So by the time we got back to Austin, we were ready for dinner. We went to Opal Devine's.

Saturday, I worked in the yard while Megan and Haleigh did something... a spa day, I think. Saturday night, we went to see John, Joe & Buzz do Master Pancake Goldfinger. It was still funny after seeing it again. We then drank ourselves silly at the Stephen F. Austin.

Sunday... I slept. PugPuggy was tired, too. Here is a picture:

After sleeping (2 naps in 1 day... a new record for me), we went to the Green Mesquite...

... and then to Hey Cupcake on South Congress...

... for those not from Austin, Hey Cupcake is a store that sells cupcakes out of an air stream trailer in South Austin. I had the Michael Jackson... a chocolate cupcake with cream-cheese frosting... it was PYT... Pretty Yummy Thing.

Sunday night was the Ladies of the 80s Sing-Along at the Alamo Drafthouse. It was a fundraiser for Girls Rock, a camp where they teach girls how to play rock-n-roll music. It was a blast. Here is a picture of us during the song 99 Red Balloons:

Having Haleigh in town was a blast. We miss her already. She is probably glad to be back in the cool weather of Seattle without a pug on her lap or in her bed.

Thanks for coming to Austin, Haleigh!


Anonymous said...

You and Megan are the best, thanks for a great trip! - haleigh (the real haleigh that is!)

Ben said...

Hooray! Thanks for coming to Austin, Haleigh! Please come again.