Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #49

Here is how this works:
I put in a word into the Google image search.
I post the picture of the first thing that comes back.

Today's Word:
"totally fun"

Today's Picture:

I guess that is "totally fun" for someone. What can I say, I am just not a purse kinda guy. I carry my make-up in a paper bag.


Stacy said...

this is funny, I don't know why though...why is it funny Ben?

Ben said...

I am not sure why it is funny either. There are layers. Make-up is a societal phenomena like men wearing wigs in the 18th century. For some reason, we, as humans, can not recognize each other's beauty naturally. We are all hiding ourselves. Make-up is especially weird because society's unspoken rules dictate that only women wear make-up... that is even more weird. The comedy comes in the form of the idea that I fight society... but not by wearing make-up, that would be too direct. I fight society by carrying my make-up in a paper bag, not a purse. Aaaaa... comedy.

Stacy said...

Joy is the best makeup. I read that somewhere.
And, you're never fully dressed without a smile.

Sincere means "without wax". A long long time ago, people used some type of makeup wax to cover their spots and blotches. So, without wax means as I am, or sincere.
Cool, huh?

Ben said...

I like it. Without wax (or ear wax), Ben.