Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #51

Here is how this works:
I put in a word into the Google image search.
I post the picture of the first thing that comes back.

Today's Word:
"damn the luck"

Today's Picture:

Behold a beautiful oil painting of frustration.

I can relate to this guy. The Tahoe's brakes stopped working correctly this weekend. It still stopped... it is just that the brake pedal would start engaging without me touching it when I was on the highway. It was a minor problem when my car would start slowing down for no reason. It was exciting. The part that keeps your brake off the floor is called a "brake booster" or something. Mine was broken. They replaced it.

So we took my car to the shop. The SAME DAY we dropped my car off at the shop, Megan's car started making this horrible sound. It sounds like a belt or a bearing that is related to a belt. It must be a part that spins because that is how it sounds.

So as soon as we pick up my car, we are going to drop Megan's car off at Motormania, Austin's finest VW repair shop.

What is the solution, you ask? Here is a photo of the solution:

Maybe that is a little extreme.

Here is another alternative:

Yup, we're getting a Smart Car.

More to follow...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Regarding the oil painting. I don't get it. "Damn the Luck"?? He's filling his tire with air, I assume at a gas station. Is that bad luck? Good Luck? That's like showing a woman shopping for groceries and saying "ridiculed". I am dumbfounded. By the way, "Damn the Luck" is 3 words