Monday, June 9, 2008

PugPuggy at Bull Creek

PugPuggy, Megan & I go to Bull Creek most weekends. Megan & I usually bring chairs and sit in the water while PugPuggy runs wildly through the water. It is relaxing and 2Ps loves it. She goes crazy and then sleeps for about 2 days.

A couple of weekends ago, I took my digital camera which can record video. Here is a video of PugPuggy playing in Bull Creek.

The music under the video was written by the multi-talented Austin legend & all-around-great-guy, Southpaw Jones. I like this song. It reminds me of beginnings & hope. Bull Creek reminds me of the beginning of summer. You can check-out Southpaw's other songs & blog at

I am going to get a group of people to go see Southpaw in 3 Thursdays. That is some good planning ahead. My next 2 Thursdays are occupied: this Thursday, I go see the Duplass Brothers in Spicewood as they premiere Baghead... the following Thursday, Haleigh comes in town from Seattle... hooray! So 3 Thrusdays from now, I go to see Southpaw. Who is in?


Renee said...

Awesome video! It was so cool to see all the dogs running around the creek (especially PugPuggy, of course.)

Southpaw sort of sounds like Cake without a horn section. I like it!

One Small Step said...


Jennifer said...

My favorite part of the video is the awesome special effects when you split PugPuggy into 2 PugPuggys. Cool.

I hope no PugPuggys were harmed in the making of this video.

Anonymous said...

That dog was like a crazy talking hot dog...and it said the Dodgers were gonna win the game. I said that hotdog told me the Dodgers were going to win, and they did...., as I breathe!

mac blake said...

I...... Like it!