Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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For about the first time since before my wedding anniversary (September 18th), I feel like I got a full night's sleep. I went to bed at around 10:30 PM last night. That is the earliest I have gone to bed in several weeks. My body was feeling it. I was beat. I have been fighting colds since my wedding anniversary (September 18th, for those playing at home).

Last night, I crashed. I think I had a bunch of dreams. I can not remember them too vividly... I know there were some dreams that I woke-up from thinking, "wow, that was just like real-life". But I have no idea what I was dreaming about.

In other news, this kid looks like Phil Donahue:

I forgot to blog about seeing Bill Murray. He was the special guest at the closing night of Fantastic Fest. This is what he looks like now:

It was sweet. He was here with the directory of his new film, "City of Ember". The movie was interesting.

I think everyone in the room was in awe of (or mildly intimidated by) Bill Murray. Rightfully so, Bill Murray is a big f-ing deal. The man is a Ghostbuster! He was on SNL! He is BOB (from What About Bob)! Ground Hog Day! The guy is a legend.

When they opened it for questions, it was really quiet. To prove (to myself) I was not scared, I asked the first one. I said, "Bill, if the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, how do you plan to celebrate?" He said he was going to cry. It made everyone laugh and I think it loosened up the room a little. A bunch of questions were asked after that. People asked if there was going to be a Ghost Busters 3. He said that he thinks the scars have healed from Ghost Busters 2. He also mentioned that the guys from The Office might be writing a script for Ghost Busters 3. How sweet is that?


Anonymous said...

You sleep on a massage table?

Anonymous said...

i will sleep great tonight as i will be sleeping with your wife in my bed!