Thursday, October 23, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #106

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"kidney stone"

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About 1 AM Tuesday morning (Monday night), I woke up with terrible lower back pains. It was not a muscular pain, it was internal. I jumped on and started researching. About the time I found "kidney stones", the pain was unbearable. I woke Megan up (out of a dead sleep) and told her I was going to drive myself to the ER. She was so out of it, I don't think she understood what I was saying. I drove myself to the ER. Once I checked-in and they brought me back, I immediately found the nearest bathroom and started vomiting. I felt like I had to pee, but I couldn't. 2 IVs, a thing of morphine and a CT-scan later, the doctor found (drum-roll please) KIDNEY STONES!!! The doctor said that "some women" have said kidney stones were more painful than child birth. I find it hard to believe. Thanks to #1) me being unable to birth due to my male genitalia and #2) the morphine, I will never have an idea if child birth is more painful. But I know kidney stones hurt like a mo-fo.

After I went to the hospital & got some drugs in me, I barely felt anything. Megan came to the hospital about 30 minutes after I checked-in (just in time for me to hurl in the toilet). She drove me home and we left one car at the hospital. The doctor told me to stay home from work (yes!) and drink lots of water.

Now, I am almost 100% fine. No problems. I have an appointment with a urologist next week. But the REALLY good news: I am no longer peeing pebbles. I went back to work today.

So that is my kidney stone story. It sucked.

I would like to thank Scott Chester for my new nickname: BB Gun. That made me laugh pretty hard.


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Southpaw said...

Oh, no. Oh, the horror. Mustn't read! Must read! No, no, no. This is...I just...simply reading about kidney stones can cause you to have one or five! I don't even know where the hospitals are! I drank a lot of Coca-Cola Classic as a child. Lord help me. Ben, tell me I can take it when my day comes. (faint.)