Sunday, October 19, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #105

Today's Word:
"Jennifer and Darrell's wedding"

Today's Picture:

City number two on the Ben Bartley Tour 2008 was Tucson, Arizona. Why did I go to Tucson, Arizona? I went to see these two lovely people get married:

The above people are Darrell and Jennifer. They got married on Saturday, October 11th at Z Mansion in downtown Tucson, Arizona. I know what you are thinking, "what do these 2 look like from the back?" They look like this:

I know you are also wondering, "what do Darrell and Jennifer's mothers look like?" I have answered that question, too:

Now you are probably wondering "what would the ceremony would look like if no one showed up?". It would have looked like this:

Darrell was an Resident Assistant at the University of Arizona at the same time as me. We worked in different dormitories, but we became friends because of our mutual love of 1) home-brewing and 2) University of Arizona athletics. Darrell and I's primary watering hole was the Buffet while in Tucson. If you have never been to the Buffet, you are missing out. $2 Coors drafts (called Jumbos), $1 Happy Minute and enough colorful characters to fill a Time Life special.

Darrell and I have a terrible streak going: we have never been to an Arizona football victory together. We have traveled to Oregon, Penn State and Wisconsin together. We lost all of those games, but still had a blast.

Darrell and Jen's wedding was awesome. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony, an awesome meal, a mariachi band and a hot dog truck. Yes, a hot dog truck. But it was not just any hot dog truck, it was a Sonoran-style Hot Dog truck. I had never eaten a Sonoran-style hot dog before, but I guarantee I will try to find one every time I am in Tucson. A Sonoran-style hot dog is a hot dog wrapped in bacon, covered in mayo, pico-de-gallo, jalapenos, cheese and some other stuff I can not remember. It was great.

I was invited to stand-up for Darrell at his wedding. That was a great honor. It also meant I got to dust-off my wedding tuxedo. It fit like a glove... still got it. You know who else wore a tuxedo? This guy:

Darrell Bobbitt, looking sharp.

Here is a picture of (right to left) Fred (Megan's dad), Susan (Megan's mom), Megan and I at Darrell's reception. Megan's parents live in Tucson, so we stayed at their house.

And here is a picture of me... damn, I am handsome.

Megan was stunning, if I do say so myself.

Darrell and Jennifer - I will see you at Thanksgiving. Get ready for the Bayles-Family-Poker-Tournament. Susan is a high-roller.

Darrell - Arizona loses at Stanford when we are together. Arizona beat Cal as soon as we were in different cities. Arizona's short comings at football are clearly our fault.

Jennifer - you are a beautiful bride.

Thanks for the great party and congratulations!


Jennifer said...

Best wedding recap ever....thanks Ben!

Ellie said...

Hahaha. Nice work.