Monday, October 27, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #107

Today's Word:
"bad Halloween costume"

Today's Picture:

There is NOTHING bad about the above costume. In fact, that costume is BADASS. I would love to dress up like Strong Bad from the That is so great.

I am stoked about Halloween this year. I am loving my costume this year. You will have to wait until next Monday to see the video of me in my costume. But, loyal blog readers, I will not disappoint you.

This past weekend was good. I watched a bunch of football & story-boarded. I also took it easy. I think when my body forced me to pee a pebble, it was trying to tell me to take it easy.

My body was also telling me I needed some exercise. I went for a walk with Megan around Town Lake on Sunday. That was nice.

Last weekend I took it slow. Next weekend, I am going to take it fast. Halloween. Hooray. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Also, I am shooting a short movie at my house. It is a story by my friend Les. It is not a comedy this time, just a story. It will be funny, but not like stuff I have done in the past. It is a short. I am stoked about making it.

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