Monday, March 2, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #144

Today's Word:
Cinematic Titanic

Today's Picture:

Some of the original cast members of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are coming to Austin! Their show is called "Cinematic Titanic". If you live in Austin (or near Austin), you should come check-out their show at the Paramount. You can buy tickets here. I am going to be there & I am stoked.

Friday is the last night of Master Pancake's The Matrix. John, Joe & I are taking Saturday night off to support our friend, Mary Jo Pehl. Mary Jo is one of the members of Cinematic Titanic and worked with MST3K for several years. In the picture above, she is the one in the middle.

I probably did not have to explain that she was the person in the middle of the photo. Most 2nd graders would recognize which person was named "Mary Jo" in the picture above. Yet I feel obliged to explain to my blog readers.

I am sorry if I have insulted you, blog readers.

Mary Jo and her husband are both brilliantly funny.

Now if they would only remember my name... I kid, I kid!

Damn, foiled again! So close... three letters, starts with a "B".

In Summary: See Cinematic Titanic at the Paramount on Saturday, my blog readers are 2nd graders, Mary Jo is free to call me "Jim Bob"(or whatever she wants to call me).

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