Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #157

Today's Word:

Today's Picture:

I see it. It looks legit.

During softball practice on Sunday, I told my friend, Mac that he would be the identical twin of Mark McGwire if McGwire had not used steroids. Here is a comparison:

This led to several comparisons of our mutual friends on the softball team to professional baseball players. Someone said that David and Dave looked like Tom Glavine and Fernando Venezuela.

I don't see this one.

Then somebody compared my buddy Long to Hideki Matsui.

I guess. But Hideki Matsui is from Japan and Long is from Kansas... so I don't know.

Then there was David and Method Man.

I liked this one.

Finally, I get this all the time.

Damn receding hair-line and pointy-chin.

Who do you look like? Put it in the comments.

In Summary: Ben looks like Quentin Tarantino, Mac should use steroids, Tom Glavine hugs Fernando Venezuela.


Anonymous said...

Natalie Wood is who I look like.

Ben said...

Was that Natalie Wood?

Anonymous said...

if you believe in ghosts communicating via the internet