Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #145

Today's Word:
"Snow's BBQ in Lexington"

Today's Picture:

Saturday morning, I am going to a BBQ mecca: Snow's BBQ in Lexington, Texas. I am stoked for the adventure. John is treating the Master Pancake-ateers to some of Texas' finest BBQ. John was the first person to talk about Snow's BBQ. I had never heard of it before. Then Scotty found this article in the New Yorker Magazine.

I gotta see what all the hype is about. BBQ in Texas is a religion. Supposedly, Snow's is this year's Vatican City. I am excited to meet the pope(s)... these people:

I think that is Kerry Bexley (owner), Tootsie Tomanetz (pit boss) and Kerry's son. These people are rock stars of Texas BBQ.

Snow's is only open 1 day a week: Saturday. It is open from 8 AM "until we sell out"... which is usually by 10 AM or noon. Lexington, Texas, is about an hour outside of Austin. We are going to leave Austin at 6:45 AM.

Austin has plenty of great BBQ, like Mann's BBQ that is (roughly) 6 blocks from my house, or Rudy's, or County Line, etc. But, from what I have heard, once you eat Snow's brisket, you will understand the fuss.

You can expect a full update with pictures of the adventure next week.

In Summary: BBQ in Texas is a religion, BBQ before 9 AM on Saturday, Mann's is 6 blocks from my house (roughly).


dan said...

I think that was the place that was originally found by Texas Monthly (too lazy to find a link) - they have a yearly "Best BBQ in TX" roundup. They've been swamped ever since.

Ben said...

Yes, Texas Monthly made it famous. #1 BBQ place in Texas.

hope pray work 4 peace said...

whoa. you're discussing austin BBQ and did not mention the salt lick? i'm shocked and chagrined! was "snow" all it was cracked up to be?

Ben said...

Hey Mike! I thought long & hard about mentioning The Salt Lick. But, technically, The Salt Lick belongs to Driftwood, Texas... not Austin. Austinites love to claim it as their own, but if you mail them a letter, you have to put Driftwood on the address. I also wanted to include Kreuz in Lockhart, Smitty's in Lockhart, etc, etc. When you come back to Austin, we are going to eat cobbler at The Salt Lick again. You always have a place to stay with us.

Ben said...

Oh, and the trip is tomorrow morning. I will be sure to put a blog update with photos tomorrow.